“The post-pregnancy new-mother hormones raged”

Yesterday was an awful day full of P3 crying continuously from 7am until 6pm and having a total of about 15 minutes sleep the whole entire day whilst I also tackled the needs of a very poorly toddler so this morning I’d decided to get the two of them out of the house for some fresh air and use the “break” to grab P3 some nappies and a baguette for lunch in Tesco.

Whilst there P3 decided to scream, and scream, oh and did I mention scream?! I had a choice – get her out or rush my shop. I chose to rush my shop. Getting her out would have probably caused P2 to then get upset, potentially P3 wouldn’t stop and laying her back down would cause more crying anyway.

I was quite aware of eyes watching me in each aisle. P3 isn’t exactly quiet when she cries. Then a middle aged lady who walked past me back tracked on herself and peered into the back of the pram. “Oh how old is he/she?” To which I replied “Nearly four weeks” and smiled at her. She then threw the worst comment anyone could ever say to a new mum – “Oh she’s clearly hungry!” I smiled and walked off.

How dare she? How dare she practically tell me I’m ignoring my babies cues for feeding. She wasn’t hungry, I’d fed her a max of 15 minutes ago. She was not hungry. Little does that lady know that my baby actually cries continuously no matter what we do for her between feeds and nappy changes. Little does that lady know that I was up at 4am attempting to comfort, feed, change and sing to my nearly four week old baby until 5:30am this morning.


The post-pregnancy new-mother hormones raged. That lady was very lucky I am sleep deprived and not completely with it right now. I wish I had some witty throw back to her. I’m sure she meant well but I felt like she’s slapped me in the face and handed me a gold star for being a neglecting mother.

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  1. Oh bless you, that is definitely not what you needed to hear. So hard when they cry a lot and you are very sleep-deprived plus have those post baby hormones to contend with. Really feel for you there – Sophie could be very unsettled at times – had one night where she was awake and crying from 11pm to 7.15am and nothing I did seemed to work. Not fun. Sending you hugs and hope P3 becomes more settled soon x

  2. Just wanted to say I feel for you. Archie cried and cried and cried for 8 weeks solid. Only time he occasionally settled was if he was on me. It took 6 doctors trips and endless crying from both me and him to get diagnosed with silent reflux. He went on gaviscon and changed over night. Have a read up huni. It changed my life. Massive hugs. I will come see you soon and if you want take the girls off your hands between feeds so you can spend some quiet time to yourself. Love you. Nic xxxx

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