“The reality is I’ve been in my onesie all day sitting on the sofa”

Although I’m posting this today, Tuesday, I’m actually writing it yesterday. Confusing but I wanted to publish this yesterday but the video which is hopefully now below took literally all day to load to my computer. Blooming technology.

As I’m writing this there’s a faint sound of snoring, I can hear Hubby downstairs watching YouTube videos and I’m sinking into my bed. The weather is depressing at the moment, cold weather really does not agree with me for so many reasons and the main one is most likely the fact I don’t own warm clothing.


I have survived today. A day after what was probably the worst night of sleep I have ever had. It wasn’t even sleep I don’t think. If you’re a long term reader you will know that it has been a very long time since I’ve had a full, uninterrupted night of sleep. Nearly three years actually. But last night really took the biscuit.

It’s P2. I know you’d think it would be my youngest causing all the fuss, and she is in her own little way, but last night the tiara was given to P2 for the best disturber of sleep in history. I think I counted to five times before it got all too much then I was just keeping my eye on the time instead. I was seeing every hour twice. Each time she was asking for milk. If I said no, she cried, so I gave it to her, for her then to wake 20 minutes later as I dozed back off to sleep.

Then at some point around 3am I had P3 join us in bed. That’s her problem at the moment. She’s not spending a full night in her cot anymore. To top it all off at around 4am, after dozing off from P2 waking yet again, I woke to find a dark hairy figure standing silently by my bed. P1. Who never wakes. Saying she had a bad dream. I seriously thought this was some sort of sick joke and I’d wake up from the nightmare. But nope.


The alarm woke at 7:15am. I don’t think I have fully been in reality today. Walking about in a bit of a daze, I say walking but the reality is I’ve been in my onesie all day sitting on the sofa. I have one really important job in the world and that’s to be the best mum I can be for my daughters. To be their role models. Their inspiration. I have to teach them how to be empowering women. How am I meant to do that when I’m slurring my words and falling asleep half way through the day from complete exhaustion?!

I genuinely believed my body had just got used to the disruption at night time. That I was surviving. But today was not a day of survival. It was a day of torture, guilty and sadness. I don’t know why I can’t get her to sleep when she supposedly sleeps so well when she stays away with my Mum. I don’t know why she wears knickers there and not here at night. Why she demands milk here but not there. I just don’t know. I can semi accept P3 waking, although that is nearing its expiry date of allowance, but P2 is nearly 3 years old.

Of course Dr Google has been my best friend throughout but nothing helps. I’d love to hear others tried and tested methods of sleep? Please!!!

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  1. I feel for you. It must be hard with 3 to contend with. I have 2 little ones and that’s hard enough especially as they have both been ill lately so once I get one settled and asleep the other one is up so mummy gets no sleep.

  2. It must be very hard with 3 little ones. I just couldn’t imagine and I only have two.
    My 10 months old is actually the one that sleeps the best at the moment. It’s the 3 year old that is taking the pee lately thinking it is acceptable to throw a fit and 2 am wanting to come into parents bed. Now I think it’s mainly because he was sick the last week. To get a nights sleep me and hubby share nights. I wouldn’t be able to function if I was on 7 days a week.

  3. I feel for you. Must be a nightmare with 3 of them up and down.

    At 3.5 years N went through the whole summer, waking and climbing into bed with me. Luckily I’m a heavy sleeper so most of the time didn’t know, but that meant there was no way of waking to put him back. Tbh, because we were all still sleeping, I let it go and eventually about 4 months later, he was back to normal and sleeping again. He is a really early waker though. I’d love to see 6.45+ wake ups.

  4. Jenni - Odd Socks and Lollipops

    It’s so difficult when they don’t sleep – and even more difficult when you know they can sleep. My daughter will fall asleep without fuss when my husband takes her up to bed both during the day for her nap and on a night for bedtime. But for me it involves at least 30 minutes of messing about – it’s all the more frustrating as I know she behaves for him!

  5. I’m feeling sleep deprived too! I understand your pain! I hope things improve for you and its okay to have a Pj day. I had one today too! Angela

  6. Oh goodness, hats off to you. I wouldn’t be able to cope so you’ve done amazingly well. My little one goes on night time milk hunts too, but thankfully it tends to be some ungodly hour the morning but it gives me that chance to get some sleep in first. Damn that milk!

  7. The Mummy Adventure

    The sleepless nights are so tough and Finn is only up once a night. I hope you find a sleep routine that works well for you

  8. I really feel for you, you must have been absolutely exhausted. I hope you get some well deserved sleep soon! Keep going, you’re doing a great job xx

  9. Oh I feel your pain – if i don’t get enough sleep I feel physically ill. How awful for you. I hope it all improves very soon for you. Kaz x

  10. Lisa (@backsnbumps)

    I hate lack of sleep and broken sleep is even worse than going to bed late and getting up early. My boys seemed to go through stages of good and bad sleep. We had to try positive reinforcement and rewarding them with stickers and things when they stayed in their beds all night.

  11. I cannot function at all if I don’t get any sleep. It’s probably the worse thing when you have little ones too. I really feel for you!

  12. Sleep deprivation…….a Mama’s worst friend. I feel your pain. I’m very lucky in the fact that the boys both sleep through, but I’ve suffered with insomnia for years so even though we’re away from that ‘kids waking up’ phase, i am quite accustomed to broken sleep. Hope it all gets better for you soon. xx

  13. Im very much in the same position. My son is 2 and still does’nt sleep through, hes often up till midnight and wakes up too early for the bedtime he goes to sleep! Im hoping this is just because he hasnt got his own bedroom as of yet, im hoping this will change when we move in a couple of months! #Love2Blog

  14. Innocent Charms Chats

    Lack of sleep is evil, I have no suggestions as I at best get a couple hours a night. Just wanted to say I totally sympathise but you are being a good Mum, being in your onesie makes no difference, I rarely get out of my PJs at weekends lol x

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