“The result was what I’d feared”

We have an outbuilding. It’s a building with electricity and water. It’s quite large. It houses our freezer, our washing machine and the tumble dryer. Lately, it’s also been our dump spot. Everyone has one. Usually it’s a drawer or a cupboard we just throw things into a pretend that it’ll get sorted later or next week, or even next year?! Well, for a few months we’ve just been dumping. Neatly, ish, but dumping. Our house is a bit sparse on storage so we have no option but to dump outside.


We finally brought all our stored stuff round to our house to sort out which meant our kitchen was pretty unsafe, cluttered and frustrating. It forced us to completely sort and organise through the outbuilding to make space for the rest of it. I was able to sit and sort through our many, many bags of children’s clothes to see what we have for P2, but mainly P3.

The result was what I’d feared. P3 has one newborn babygro, one newborn hat, a top and three sleeping bags. Then there’s only two babygros in the hospital bag. Hubby has tried to reassure me that we’ll be ok but I can’t help to think the birth is only six and a half weeks away!! I’m officially panicking! Although if she’s born 10lbs or more she’s got plenty of clothes all the way from 0-3 to well ongoing as P2 and P1 grow out of their clothes and pass them down.

Did you have a sudden panic right at the last minute?

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