The Things I’m Looking Forward to Post-Pregnancy

With just three official weeks left until my due date. I’ve guiltily started dreaming about the moment I go into labour and give birth to our beautiful baby girl. I have been feeling rather negative about pregnancy, it’s been a tough “last ever pregnancy” and I’ve struggled to see the good side of it all. I’ve not enjoyed being pregnant and I know that makes me sound very selfish, but it’s true so looking forward to the end has been an easy pass time.

Here’s some of the things I’m really looking forward to beyond the first glimpse of our daughter:

1) Enjoying my post-natal time at the hospital in the luxury of my own room with ensuite. I had both my daughters in Essex. P1 was born prematurely yet I was still placed on a ward with other mums and their newborn babies whilst mine was in the special care unit. When P2 was born I was again placed on a ward with 6 other mums and therefore got very little rest or sleep.

This time I’m really looking forward to having a Kent baby. The hospital I’ve chosen to give birth in has only just been rebuilt. Work started in 2008 and the hospital was opened in 2011 costing £226million!!! It’s the first acute NHS hospital in Britain where every inpatient has their own room with en-suite facilities. Very posh! I’m very much looking forward to being able to rest and not have other watchful, judging eyes over me and will certainly be pushing for a nights stay even if everything is ok.

2) Having my body back. Ok, this isn’t exactly going to happen over night and I’m obviously going to be sharing my boobies with P3 for a while. But I’m really hoping that my hips and back pain will ease so that I can feel able to play and sit on the floor with my daughters. Be able to wear clothes without feeling like I’ve been wrapped tightly in cling film. Being able to reach my toes or bend down to pull up my knickers after going to the toilet without suffocating briefly.

3) Sex. Again, not something to be rushed into as I obviously can’t tell how long I’ll bleed or if I’ll need stitches etc etc but I’m really looking forward to being able to love my husband properly without pain and discomfort or feeling like a beached whale.

4) Sleeping. I know that this won’t happen exactly how I want it but I can’t wait to go to sleep and feel zero pain. I want to lay on my front again and snuggle my pillow. Be able to reach my hubby for cuddles. To lay in bed without getting stuck or feeling like the bed could break at any moment from my weight.

5) Exercising. I’ve really let myself go again. I don’t remember the last time I exercised or even felt the slightest want to exercise during this pregnancy. I’m determined that after this pregnancy I’m going to be a changed woman. Not for anyone else, but for me. It’s probably going to take a lot of squats to get my bottom back to its previous state, and quite a few sits up to say goodbye to the flabby emptiness of my tummy but I will get there. I don’t want to have extra weight and it be “ok” because I’m a mum of three!

6) Having my hair cut and coloured. There’s no evidence to suggest that by colouring your hair will harm baby, there’s no evidence to say it won’t, so I’ve always stayed well clear of getting it coloured. I rarely get it cut too but every time I’ve looked in the mirror lately I’ve just hated my hair. It needs some attention and a restyle. Nothing drastic though as I quite enjoy having long hair, but the dip dye thing just isn’t working for me anymore.

7) Joining some playgroups. I went to a few when we first moved but this pregnancy has made me just exhausted. I want to take both the younger ones to some groups whilst P1 is at school and hopefully finally make some friends that last a lifetime.

What did you/are you most looking forward to post-pregnancy?

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  1. My favourite post-pregnancy treat was not having to get up to go to the toilet every hour during the night!!!



  2. Aww! Lovely things to look forward too! The hospital sounds amazing! I hated sharing a ward with other people I got no sleep at all.

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      I’m quite excited. I think I’d have got much better sleep if I hadn’t shared a room with 6 other newborns and mums. I’m going to literally beg them to keep me in for just one night.

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