The Trick to Beautiful Kid Friendly Home

Everyone dreams of that magazine-worthy house where everything is where it’s supposed to be, and there are fine lines between furniture. If you have kids though, this remains a dream because they come and pull down all your cushions, paint your walls and break ceramics. According to top interior designers, you don’t have to choose either-or. You can have a kid-friendly home without feeling like you are living in a playhouse.

Here are seven tricks to a beautiful kid-friendly home;

  1. 1. Incorporate their spaces into your own

Kids love to stay close to their parents, so even building them a playhouse won’t help. You want to add something for the kids in the living room or kitchen so they can stay away from what is yours. For example, you can have a drawing table with paint books and canvases in the living room for them to be drawing when everybody is lounging. Have a budget for some kid-friendly changes as you calculate your mortgage.

  1. Get round furniture

There is no denying that a glass table is stunning. However, the sharp edges and glass can be dangerous for kids. Choose to buy a beautiful ottoman instead because it’s almost as beautiful as a table but much safer. Your couch and beds should also have rounded corners instead of sharp.

  1. Consider antiques

The great thing about antique furniture is that they don’t look perfect, but they are very aesthetically pleasing. That means you can hide any imperfections that come with having kids. The perfectly-imperfect look of antiques will make your home look classic without getting you high blood pressure every time your child gets near them.

  1. Choose kid-friendly fabrics

Understandably, you want a beautiful linen couch that will make your home look like a palace. Unfortunately, if you have kids and a dog, you have to rethink that idea. You can still have the same look by buying leather furniture and adorn them with a piece of fabric blanket or shawl.

Vinyl is also an excellent material for stools and kitchen chairs. If you don’t want to go with leather, you can always buy ultra-suede, which is very easy to wipe. As an alternative to your dreamy, fluffy carpet, you can purchase boron which is a rubberized floor rug that you can mop and vacuum.

  1. Embrace art

Most people with young kids remove all expensive art pieces from their home to protect them. However, your kids should grow up in an environment that encourages creativity, and there is no better way than fine art. Leave your wall hangings intact and encourage them to pain their own to hang in their rooms. You can also frame their pictures and hang them on the staircase wall or in the bedrooms.

The secret to a beautiful kid-friendly home is to design with your kids in mind. Think about a kid-friendly alternative to every purchase you are making. The idea is to make the home as much theirs is it is yours. Everyone will have fun and enjoy the space you create.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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