“These days apparently the harvest offering is £1”

I experienced my first Harvest Festival as a parent of a reception class child today. P1 has been practising her singing for the past week, a song I used to sing for my harvest festivals.
20131022-073453 pm.jpgEvery single song reminded me of my school days and my harvest festivals back in primary school! I could sing along to the whole festival. It’s the same… Well nearly.

One thing I noticed was the lack of actual food. Back in the 90s when I was in primary school we were all asked to bring a tin of beans, or toothpaste. Something that wouldn’t go off and would be sent to a child or family in Africa or something like that anyway.

These days apparently the harvest offering is £1 to go to a charity that probably won’t even see the whole £1. A part of me thinks we’ve started to lose the meaning of harvest festival, I know the money has hopefully gone to a good cause, but isn’t the meaning meant to be; a Christian event for thanks giving of food.

Anyway, we bought our pumpkin for the local pumpkin carving competition. I just hope hubby knows how to carve but I fear I’ll be taking over that duty as I remember helping my ex-stepdad!
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