Things To Remember About Travelling To Oman

Oman is a beautiful country to take a well earned holiday to. But if you are planning on going then there are a few things you must remember to do or take with you prior to your vacation in order to get the most out of it.

Visas and EVisas

Oman travel and tourism requires that you must have a valid Visa in order to travel there. These Visas are issued by the government for a small fee and allow you to travel to the country. These visas apply to only certain countries. In recent times, EVisas have been introduced for a growing tourist population to help facilitate a faster processing of the required paperwork. Don’t forget to get one sorted before you travel, or you will be denied entry to the country. You can find out more about the Evisa here.

Bring your walking shoes

When you travel to Oman make sure you bring a sturdy pair of walking shoes or boots with you in your luggage. Many of the more natural beauty spots in Oman and even some of the forts in the cities, are at the end of long and difficult to walk paths. For example the Wadi Shab can take up to 3 hours to reach on foot by some accounts. So make sure you have your boots.

Factor in for time

Speaking of time and taking up to 3 hours a walk, some days you may only be able to factor in only one or two activities for the day. Using the example above if you want to spend some time at the Wadi Shab then you need to be prepared to lose the whole day doing so. Some of these tourist hotspots are so far away from the regular beaten track that you will need to factor in losing a potential full day, just to see one of these attractions.

Bring your sun cream

Oman is in the Arab Peninsula. This means it gets hot. Very hot. We’re talking up to and 40 Degrees Celcius in the Capital of Muscat alone​. If you’re travelling from a more moderate climate such as the UK, then you simply will not be accustomed to this kind of heat. Be prepared to find something to do around midday when the temperature is at its highest, as well as carrying sufficient water to prevent anything negative like heat stroke or mild dehydration from taking place. Make sure to have sufficient cream as well to prevent sunburn and skin damage. You may be thinking that you wouldn’t forget such simple things, but so many people do. And your safety should always be a priority.

Consider Renting a car

As mentioned previously Oman is a large country with not the best roads ever. If you really want to get around and have the freedom to choose when to do so, then hiring a car is the way to go. And not just any car. Remember the roads? Go for a 4×4 any time. This gives you the freedom to take the roads that a regular sedan or coupe simply couldn’t. Shop around for prices online and book ahead of time to avoid disappointment on your holiday.

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