Things You Miss

£4!!! Four flipping pound for parking.
That was just today’s fee for parking in the hospital car park. The roads around the hospital used to be free so everyone parked and walked from them… however they cottoned on to this and have now installed parking meters around the nearby roads. However the £4 marked me coming home. Yay!

I think my girl missed me. She fell asleep like this and I also managed to catch an hour of zzzzzz.

Being away from your family really makes you miss the little things. It makes you cherish the moments you usually take for granted. I’ve indulged in cuddles with P1. I’ve enjoyed lots of snuggles in bed watching One Born with my OH. I actually think he may have missed me too.

On a sad note… No sign of P2 yet. But like one of my readers said – each day in pregnancy is a day closer to meeting our baby. I’m such an inpatient person!!!!!

My OH is back at work tomorrow. I’m really scared I’ll go into labour. He works at least 40minutes away which I know isn’t as far as some people have to endure. But it’s still 40minutes TOO far away from me when I need him. Luckily, P1 is with my grandparents tomorrow as it’s Tuesday.
Wish me luck 🙂

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