“This is even worse than when she was newborn”

Last night was night four that P2 has been up every hour. It seems to have happened with her illness but she’s not poorly anymore and seems to have made it a habit.

I thought we’d finally cracked, nearly, her sleep patterns. She’d wake up in the morning at 7:30am, have just one nap a day in her cot at about 12:30pm, then go to bed at 7pm. She’d stir occasionally but settle properly by about 10pm. Then she’d wake just once at 3/4am, then again briefly at 6am. I was happy with that. I liked that.

I’m totally exhausted. I knew to expect some lack of sleep whilst she was ill but it’s been two nights now where she’s been well and things haven’t improved. Last night, I just knew it was going to be bad. She’d stirred and been very unsettled in the evening. Which continued on to nearly 2am where every time I closed my eyes for sleep, P2 would cry and want milk or her dummy.

I’ve had 5hours of interrupted sleep today. I feel like crying! This is even worse than when she was newborn or when I’ve complained about being up three times a night. I don’t even want a lay in anymore, I simply want more than half hour-an hour of sleep at a time!!!!
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