“this is not any form of yoga. This is simply child abuse”

Sorry for the late night post but something’s ticked me off just a tad. During our nightly routine after we put P2 in her cot and snuggle down, my OH usually watches YouTube and I scroll through Facebook, Twitter and other blog posts.

Only today I’m unusually reading a magazine when my OH nudges me to watch something. Here it is so we are on the same page length here.

Appalled?! Disgusted?! Concerned?! Feel sick?! Speechless?! I’m all of those and more. For those of you who haven’t watched the video, it’s basically a woman tossing a baby in the air in all sorts of dangerous ways and calling it “Baby Yoga”.

I attend baby yoga sessions and I can assure you this is not any form of yoga. This is simply child abuse. How can anybody really think that doing any of those things with a baby would be a benefit to them? The poor baby is crying constantly, throughout the video and it just makes me want to get inside the screen and pull the baby away.

Well, I’m going to bed absolutely fuming and speechless. I swear this world is going to pot!!

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