“This transition is going to be huge whatever we decide”

20131028-045457 pm.jpgWe had a visit from the sleep specialist. The things she told us are standard things; controlled crying, own room, no milk at night, no talking after bedtime and keep to the same thing each night.

I can do all of that. It’s just finding the will power, the support and the energy. We’ve taken on board the own room thing though, well I have anyway, but it’s just finding the time to rearrange everything. We’ve got to make the decision whether the girls will go into the big room (our current room) or if P2 will go into the smaller room and join P1.

This transition is going to be huge whatever we decide. We are going to do this during the half term so we don’t disrupt P1 too much. I can vision us girlies having an afternoon nap together and hubby living off energy drinks! I’m not sure how I feel about the controlled crying. I think it’s going to cause some problems for my hubby as he hates P2 crying for more than 30 seconds which is a typical man thing. I’m hoping that he’ll sleep through the crying if it’s at a further distance from him.

I’m nervous. My littlest princess is about to take her next step of independence – moving out of her parents bedroom!!!!
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  1. Good luck with it. I was really sad when my youngest moved into her own room. Hope it goes well for you all. x

  2. Good luck in your transition. May it be peaceful.

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