“This weekend has been very slow and relaxed. It’s been nice”

Our weekends are always so busy. Usually travelling to Essex for swimming or seeing family. This weekend has been very slow and relaxed. It’s been nice.

It started with P1 having a sleepover round her Great-Grandad’s house Friday-Saturday evening. So Friday evening I did the house cleanup whilst hubby was out with his friend. Saturday, I was up really early with P2 but had a chilled morning watching a couple of Christmas films.
20131201-061331 pm.jpgThen we treated P2 to her first Toby Carvery lunch. She sat in her highchair the whole time with zero fuss and the waitress loved her! She ate loads of potatoes, peas and beef.

We then visited family and then went to pick P1 up. My Grandad certainly enjoyed having some company, he looked quite tired though but P1 was hyper and excited. She was a little emotional when she got home as she missed her Great-Grandad!
20131201-061718 pm.jpgToday has been very chilled – for my hubby. I was up with the girls at 7am but we played in their bedroom for over and hour before going downstairs for some brekkie. P1 then went back upstairs to play.

I cooked us a lovely roast dinner and woke hubby up at 12pm! I couldn’t believe that he was still asleep when I went back up there. He was shocked too.
20131201-062056 pm.jpgThis afternoon my MiL came round so P1 and P2 had fun playing with their Uncle G. I can definitely see frustration from P1 and G as P2 keeps bombarding them now she’s crawling. It’s a total new developmental wall to climb. Learning to accept P2 doesn’t understand them but really wants to join in.

This evening, we’ve chilled together as a family in front of the tv. I’ve tried to find some nice Christmas movies to watch but there’s just nothing on suitable for kids??

It’s been a really lovely weekend! I’m so excited for Christmas now.20131201-062343 pm.jpgTo comment on this post and others, please scroll down to the very bottom of the page. This is a feature I’ve nagged at my hubby to change… I love comments!

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