Thorntons Christmas Hero

I’ve been playing a little bit of Secret Santa and who better to play with than Thorntons?! They asked me who I thought deserved a special chocolate treat. I instantly knew who – my Grandad!
20131111-093521 am.jpgMy Grandad is 83 years old. He certainly doesn’t look it or act it either. He’s very deceiving! He’s no ordinary Grandad.

Right from the start he’s been a massive part of my life. We’d go on holiday with my Nan to Scotland every year and to Somerset. These holidays are always my most memorable holidays. I’d help my Grandad muck out cows down on the farm in Somerset, we’d go for countless long walks round random fields and hills in Scotland. We visited glass blowing places, he’d teach me all sorts of whacky wonderful things. My Nan and my Grandad.

As I got older he became my homework buddy, my best friend, my life coach and my taxi driver. He was the one that would clean my grazes or bumps when I’d fall over in the garden. He was the one that dropped everything to take me to hospital when I was in labour with P1. He was the one who rushed over and beat the paramedics when P1 fell down the stairs! He’s always been there.

The most important reason why I think he deserves some chocolatey treats is the bravery and the kindness he had for my Nan. For a very long time she was ill, suffering with high blood pressure, renal diseases which lead to renal failure, heart attacks and a stroke. It was always my Grandad that helped nurse her back to a reasonable state.

After a few years of renal failure my Nan opted to have home dialysis. My Grandad was trained up and he was the one who carried out the process at home. As Nan’s health deteriorated, it was my Grandad who opened food jars, helped her up the stairs, took her to hospital appointments and cooked her dinner. He did everything and he never complained. Ever! Whilst doing all of this he looked after P1 twice a week, they both enjoyed having her around and I kept saying to them that they didn’t need to, but they both refused.

When people told him how selfless he was, he laughed saying “she’s my wife. It’s my duty”. So that’s why and who I thought deserved the chocolates.

Grandad was shocked to receive them and absolutely over the moon! I banned him from eating them until I had been round to take photos. Here he is with his chocolates:

20131111-095409 am.jpg

20131111-095429 am.jpg

20131111-095419 am.jpg

20131111-095543 am.jpgHe received the Continental Chocolatiers Tasting Collection. 40 chocolates! I’m very jealous. They smelt so nice and I have no idea how he’ll get through all of them alone. I love Thorntons chocolate, it’s always so well thought out and even the packaging is really unique.

Enjoy your chocolates Grandad. You are and always will be my biggest hero, not just for Christmas.

(This post is an entry for Thorntons Christmas Hero competition. My Christmas Hero was sent some chocolates free of charge for the purpose of this competition however all opinions and photos are of my own)

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  1. He is a very special man x

  2. Hello my lovely. I hear you are looking doe someone to review cloth nappies? We have used cloth nappies for the last 10 years and I have recently set up a cloth nappy library in my local area so would be happy to help in any way possible.

  3. Perfect, cant think of anyone more deserving xxx

  4. That’s just lovely 🙂 a very special grandad indeed xx

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