Those Post Birth Luxuries – Review 5

As everybody knows – the uterus has to contract and return to its normal size. This includes flushing away all the bits and bobs that was there to protect your beautiful baby.

This is by far the most unpleasant part of after birth!!!!

Here comes Mothercare to the rescue! With their Mothercare Maternity Towels – 48packI remember with P1 that I absolutely hated wearing stupid maternity pads. Uncomfortable and unattractive! I hated wearing normal clothes with it as they are soooo bulky and I was convinced everyone would know with my penguin waddle.

This time isn’t much different in all honesty. Although I haven’t yet worn “normal” clothes – whenever I’ve got dressed its been in black track suit bottoms. (Probably me subconsciously hiding the pad with baggy clothes).

Mothercare have their own brand of maternity pads. I love them! I used them with P1 and I had sooo many leaks but this time round I haven’t leaked once… Touch wood.

At the start I used a mix between Mothercare and some test samples I was given. But the test sample was like having cardboard between my legs. Mothercare’s pad is much softer with a soft outer covering too. It’s felt like heaven on my lady bits.

I do wish that there was a pad out there that was less thick though. More discreet. But I guess with the volume it has to absorb you can understand why it’s so thick.

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  1. Victoria Jenkins (@Victoriaaa0)

    I can remember putting one on after having RIo in the hospital and leaking all over my fresh clothes.. the midwife told me to wear two! Double uncomfy & big 🙁

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