Three Girls Sharing One Room With Room Tour Videos

We moved to Kent nearly four years ago when we were a family of four. P1 was four years old and P2 just six months. At the time I was desperate to get out of Essex and we viewed a few houses. We picked our current home as we loved the modern feel and it was closest to the new school we had chosen for P1 to attend. It is small and this became even more apparent when we added another family member.

We’ve swapped bedrooms many times in the past four years. Somehow we’ve made the one and a half bedroom home work for us as a family of five. We now have three daughters sharing one double bedroom. Of course it has it’s upsides and it’s downsides but I do think the girls like sharing a room together. In an ideal world I’d love P1 to have her own room as she’s significantly older than the others.

I decided to film a room tour recently as we were about to adapt the girls room. P2 was close to outgrowing her toddler bed and we wanted to get a new big girls bed for her. So we had to have a rethink of their room organisation and positioning. I wanted to remember their previous room set up and that’s the main reason I filmed a room tour. It can be viewed below and this set up was how it worked for us for three years with three small children.

And below is the updated and current room tour. As you can see P2s new bed happens to have a slide attached which makes the room even more fun. We actually gained some floor space even though the room now looks super crowded. I want to pop some brighter fairy lights under P2s bed and add a floor cushion or bean bag chair to make it feel more cosy.

Like I said, having the three of them sharing isn’t my ideal situation that I dream of for my girls. But it’s working. We are rapidly outgrowing our home though and I do wonder what the shelf life is for our wonderful cosy house. It’s funny because as much as I dream of having a garden, a bath and a more space for the girls to run around, we are incredibly lucky. We have a brilliant landlord and we are in a lovely location.

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