Three Ways To Make Laundry Less Of A Chore

Hate doing the laundry? Join the club! It’s a difficult and time consuming chore, which seems like it never ends. If you want to streamline your laundry time and make your fear of doing the washing something of the past, here are three top tips to help you conquer the laundry, forever.

Deal with stains immediately

It’s tempting to quickly dab at a stain and then get on with your day, hoping that it’ll wash it out later, but it’s not the right thing to do.

Stains have a tendency to hang around, and some of them love your clothes so much they want to be part of them forever. But if you deal with the stains as and when they happen, you will defeat them for good.

The best part of this is, if the stains happen at home, or even at work, you already have a few things in your cupboards that can help eliminate them. For example, nail varnish remover is great for getting ink out, while applying lemon juice and water and some sunshine to deodorant stains can remove those tell-tale marks from your favourite outfit.

Have more than one laundry basket

Most people have just one laundry basket. While this save space in the home, it doesn’t save time, so, in order to speed up the time you take to do the washing, consider having two laundry baskets or hampers ready.

Buy two laundry baskets, preferably a white one and a dark one, and use them to separate light colours and dark colours. When you need to do the laundry, you’ll find that the colours are already sorted for you, so all you have to do is chuck them in the washing machine!

Be an efficient dryer

Some people dry their clothes by hanging them on a clothes horse, a pulley, or on the radiator, while others use appliances, such as a condenser tumble dryer, for fast drying.

If you have a tumble dryer, ensure all the clothes you want to tumble dry are in the same load, this will ensure that you won’t be tempted to add wet items from a second load into the tumble dryer.

Doing the laundry is a much-hated chore, so don’t make it more difficult than it already is, if you deal with stains, separate your colours early and treat your dryer right it can be a breeze.


Image by funcrush28 used under Creative Commons License. 

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