Thunder and Lightning Storm July 2014

I’ve been craving a holiday for a while. Not any holiday, a get-on-the-plane sunny beach holiday but I needn’t be upset really. The weather in England has been so beautiful already this summer but I haven’t been able to enjoy it.

Pregnancy has certainly got the better of me in this heat. Not only have I outgrown anything that was previously classed as my “loose” clothing but it’s all agitating me to no end. I’ve spent most of my days at home walking around in my underwear with every window and door open. Sitting like a beached whale trying to cool down.

We haven’t got a garden either. We use the little field opposite for the girls to let off steam. The heat would be much more enjoyable if I could put out some garden toys and a paddling pool whilst laying on a towel on the floor watching the girls play and getting a bit of vitamin D – aka a tan! That would be dreamy.

Then there’s the evenings and night time. The heat hasn’t given up. It’s still 20c+ outside and on average 25c inside, despite our windows being open. The girls room is the hottest; P1 has been sleeping in just her knickers and P2 in her nappy with some shorts over the top. It gets cooler downstairs and just unbearable upstairs.

Oh and then there’s the storms. Wow haven’t they been pretty awesome! We woke on Thursday night to flashing like paparazzi and the roar of thunder. It shook the whole house! I have no idea how the girls slept through it and the same with last nights storm. Completely oblivious.

Today’s started a lot cooler thanks to the rain. But we’re airing out the house to keep it cool ready for tonight. Are you pregnant and coping with this summery weather? Are your kids coping?

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  1. I somehow managed to sleep through that huge thunderstorm and I’m not quite sure how?! I’m so sad I missed it though. I can’t even cope with this heat myself so I can’t imagine how uncomfortable you must be!

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    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      It was quite scary! I’d have much rather been asleep. It’s been cooler here today, thank goodness.

  2. I’m not sure what it’s like your way, but I have found it’s cooler indoors. I have a pretty big garden but it’s south-facing so in this weather it is too hot! Heat really bothers me, I get stressed and panicky, I can’t imagine being pregnant too! I eat ice cubes when it’s hot, and I’ve been known to fill up a washing bowl with ice cubes and freeze my feet, plus Oliver enjoys playing with them too! Xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Great idea!!! Now I’m going to have to shop for some ice cubes or ice cube trays. It’s definitely cooler indoors but still ridiculous.

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