Tight Squeeze

I saw my midwife today. Discussed breast feeding and water births. During labour I will have to have an antibiotic drip as I was told I have a condition called Strep B. Scary! but I can still have a water birth as long as I keep my arm dry.

The midwife told me that my bump is all baby which I’m not surprised at. I feel huge!!!! She also terrified me by telling me I’ll be having a 7lb baby! Such a huge difference to P1 who was born at 4lb 13oz.

I’ve got to go up the hospital for a blood test that will rule out something that effects your liver as my itchy skin could be a symptom of that. Other than that – everything is ok.

I drove my car for the first time in months tonight. What a tight squeeze that was. Downside of being only 4ft 8in tall. I can’t reach the steering wheel or pedals if I move my seat back 🙁

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