A Book To Talk About The Situation With Young Children

Without a doubt life has been crazy over the past few months. It has been an incredibly tough journey for everybody.

Like most parents, we’ve tried our best to shield our children from the sheer scariness of what’s happening beyond the safety of our home.

I caught Elsa, my five year old, playing an imaginative game. I listened in and soon realised that she was trying to make an experiment to test if the big C word was still in the world. I had no idea just how much my girls were taking in despite my efforts to protect them.

I suppose it’s inevitable that children will notice the changes. They’ve been at home for weeks, probably doing home learning and spending way too much time in their own homes.

Finding the right way to talk about the pandemic with a small child is tricky. I want them to be informed without being terrified. I was really thrilled when Biteable contacted me and shared a new book that gently explains the current situation.

The book is called Time To Come Out Bear. The book is based upon a popular video created by Kim St. Lawrence using Biteable, the world’s simplest video maker.

The video creation platform allows you to make a video from scratch using their library of animations and footage. It’s an easy to use platform.

I took a quick read of Time To Come In Bear, to make sure it was suitable for my girls. It absolutely blew me away and I immediately wanted to shout about it for the world to hear.

It’s a book about social distancing and the pandemic. It uses language that’s easy to understand for a small child, it’s engaging with quick sentences. The pictures are fun, bright and engaging.

It makes you feel instantly at peace with what is going on and it captured my heart. I understand that might sound weird when describing a children’s book, but it truly made me feel very emotional.

The book is quite pricey, costing $19.99 (USD) and includes free shipping to anywhere in the world. However, the proceeds raised from the sale of the book go to the WHO COVID-19 response fund. So it’s being sold for a really important cause.

They have created a video of Time To Come In Bear which you can watch with your child too.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. The book was gifted.

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