Tips For A Family Day Out At Paultons Park & Peppa Pig World

Half term sort of didn’t happen for us. We only had the girls for three and a bit days. They got to spend some much needed time with their Grandparents in Essex leaving Hubby and I to relax and enjoy some peace. When they returned we decided to head to our favourite theme park for some family time.

What we love most about Paultons Park is that there is something there for all of us to enjoy. Even when P3 was much younger and we first visited, we still all had something to enjoy. I wanted to share my top tips for visiting Paultons Park and want to quickly apologise for the amount of photos in this post, I took quite a few and loved them all so didn’t want to miss any out.

1 – My top tip for any theme park would be to go during term time if you can. Paultons Park is a family focused theme park designed specifically for families with children under 14 years of age, so you can expect lots of children visiting. We have been in term time and in the school holidays. School holidays and weekends see it become very busy but actually Paultons Park do cope well with it and the longest queue time we experienced was 40 minutes in Peppa Pig World.

2 – Stay overnight locally. I know this can make the trip quite expensive, but right around the corner there is a really good Premier Inn hotel. It has a pub/restaurant attached that also has a mini soft play. It’s a really good base for either the night before your trip or after. It can make the day feel much calmer too being nearby to either get started or rest. We have done both and would probably recommend the evening after to avoid late car journey naps that ruin bedtime!

3 – Take a packed lunch and plenty of snacks.The catering at Paultons is good, but it is actually quite expensive especially for a family of five. We have always taken snacks and a little packed lunch. On this specific day I packed us some buttered hot cross buns, cheese strings in a cooler bag, buttered crackers, soreen bars and a selection of chopped up fruits. We also took several bottles of water in the pushchair too. This means we can give the kids a top up whilst queuing for rides and that not only fills their bellies but keeps them occupied too.

4 – Do Peppa Pig World first.I have found from experience that people tend to arrive a little later than opening. If you get there for opening time then you can do many of the rides before they start to get busy. Once you’ve explored the Peppa Pig World you can move on to the rest of the park where it has always been much quieter. There’s so much to see there now!

5 – Make sure to explore the Lost Kingdom. This is a relatively new part and if you are heading with Peppa Pig loving kiddos, then you may miss it altogether. It’s the other side of the park from Peppa Pig World. They have little dinosaur encounters in the peak season and there’s two bigger rides that 4 year old or 1.1m tall little people can ride. P2 specifically is obsessed by those and forces both Hubby and I on them several times each.

6 – Take a pushchair. Realistically only one of our girls are pushchair users now, but we always take our double pushchair. It gives us lots of space to put coats, spare clothes, food and anything else the girls want to lug with us. There are loads of places to leave the pushchairs whilst you ride and although I can’t guarantee it, we’ve never had an issue.

7 – Little Africa. This is a brand new area to the side of Peppa Pig World. It’s a great chance to get a little down time from all the rides and hectic pace of your day out. There’s African animals to explore and a brilliant indoor area too. The girls loved seeing the little meerkats and walking through the bird enclosure too.

8- Play-Zone and outdoor playgrounds. Peppa Pig World has a large indoor soft play area with something for all ages. This is always really busy during the day so my tip is to do this last, I’d say about an hour before the park shuts. We usually let the girls have half an hour and then use the excuse that we can pick a couple of new rides to do before the park shuts. During the day you can do the outdoor playgrounds, there’s also a sheltered bouncy castle and trampoline area too.

9 – Rides for all ages. I’ve said this already but there are over 60 rides/attractions at the park. It’s not just Peppa Pig World that has rides suitable for babes in arms, there is even a section in the water ride for younger kiddos to ride by themselves. There’s the carousel, a dino safari and so much more. A big milestone for us on our recent trip was that P3 is now tall enough to ride George’s Dinosaur ride which had a height restriction of 85cm. She was thrilled! Nearly all the other rides are “must be accompanied by an adult”.

10 – 100% get there for opening time. We always arrive early. The gates usually open half an hour before the rides open. This gives you a chance to make a toilet stop, get your tickets and gather yourself together before all the excitement kicks off. You also need the entire day, trust me, and the earlier you are the quicker you can get the Peppa Pig rides done before they get busy.

11 – Toilet and changing facilities. I couldn’t really do this blog post without mentioning the toilet facilities. It’s amazing how often your darling children can request a toilet trip, especially when they are potty training (us last year). I’ve always been really impressed with the toilets cleanliness but actually they are dotted everywhere. I can’t speak for the male toilets, but the female ones have the built in smaller loo seat. Absolutely perfect for children.

So there’s my top tips. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and managed to get to the end, enjoying the many photos we took during a February visit. We spent the entire day there and as always, had so much fun. I filmed our day which can be viewed below. We honestly adore Paultons Park and the girls always request to go there frequently. The girls fell asleep on our two hour journey home and didn’t then go back to sleep and to bed until nearly midnight… So next time I’ll remember to take my own advice and book a hotel room!

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