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P1 extremely fortunate to receive school meals by the school. The menu is phenomenal and definitely exceeds anything I could ever come up with. So the school lunches are a bit alien to me. In fact packing a picnic was always something I forgot to do and I was never known for having snacks in my bag at all.

Then we became a family with three loud voices of demands and gradually I started packing a small biscuit snack or a packet of crisps in my bag. I was never consistent though until very recently. I now make sure I have a lunch box of food with me whenever I leave my house with the girls in tow.

hartleys lunch box

Hartley’s got in touch to ask me for my top tips for packing a fantastic lunch box. I’m no expert and this challenge threw me a little. I have no idea how to fashion monsters or cute characters into my sandwiches or those bento style delights. Although I am completely in awe of them, I find that a more simple approach is definitely the way forward for a busy, large, family of hungry critters.

I love to give my girls a selection to choose from. I always make them a hazelnut spread sandwich on either whole meal or the 50/50 bread. I’m beginning to be a little more careful about what my girls eat each day and by switching from white bread makes me feel much better about my lazy lunch box. I love to pop in some fruity pouch of some sort as these act as a yoghurt but don’t need to be kept cool. Then I’ll make sure there’s some fruit inside, little berries or grapes take up less room.

jelly hartleys lunchbox

Of course, a delicious pack of something chocolatey is always welcome in my girls eyes but I like to pop in some healthier versions like these Barny Bear biscuits we found recently. As you can probably tell I have an obsession with sandwich bags and snack bags as the girls can easily open these themselves. I don’t think a little lunchbox would be complete without a sugary treat.

Hartley’s no added sugar Jelly Pots are the perfect addition to a lunchbox. I hadn’t really thought about this as an option until recently. I assumed jelly was bad for you but actually the Hartley’s Jelly Pots are fat free, gluten free, contains naturally occuring sugars and have no artifical flavours/colourings. They are a great way to get fruit into your child’s diet and quite a fun little snack as they wibble. We love the “jelly on a plate” song whilst having these.


From July onwards, Hartley’s are offering the chance to collect special edition Green lids from the No Added Sugar Jelly Pots. If you collect 12 of the green lids then you can claim a free Hartley’s lunchbox complete with stickers, which have the Hartley’s much loved characters and an alphabet to really personalise the lunch box. To claim the lunch box after collecting the 12 lids, head to the Hartley’s website.

Disclosure: This post is an entry for BritMums #HartleysYourLunchbox linky Challenge, sponsored by Hartley’s Jelly

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