Tips to Style Your Favourite Maxi Dress from Summer to Fall

Now that September and Fall are upon us, it is time to start thinking how to transition your favourite pieces. A maxi dress is one of the most comfortable pieces any woman can have, as they’re long and breezy in the summer, and just add a hint of elegance in the fall. With a few tricks, you can keep wearing your beloved summer maxi dress well into the fall!

Here are some tips on how to style your maxi dress for fall:

Add a leather jacket

A leather jacket is stylish and gorgeous and a must to have for the fall season. It gives you that extra layer without being too hot and can give your maxi dress an edgy look. For an even sleeker look, opt for more of a cropped leather jacket so it hits you above the waist and doesn’t add too much material around your torso. This will keep the attention on the dress but still add that edginess to your maxi dress look.

Style it with a fall coloured handbag

A fall-coloured handbag, such as a burgundy, plum, dark green, black or brown, is an essential for the fall season. Summer calls for woven and natural baskets, but the rich contrast that you get with a beautiful fall bag will bring your maxi dress into the fall season. For gorgeous, Italian-designed chic handbags, check out websites like Mirta for example that has a great assortment of the top italian handbags, perfect for fall. Leather is an especially great touch for this season because much more resistant to rain and snow, depending on where you live.

Kitten heel boots

Kitten heel boots give your maxi dress a fall look without being too clunky or too much for a maxi dress staple. It also gives you that bit of height that you might get with a heeled sandal in the warmer months. If you want a bit more warmth, you can also add a pair of tights that will tuck in nicely into your kitten heel boots. The best part about kitten heels is they just ooze effortless city cool-girl vibes, and they are so easy to walk in!

Throw a sweater over it and pretend it’s a skirt

You can give your maxi dress a whole new look by throwing a sweater over it. It makes it look more like a skirt and gives you more flexibility for how to style it. With it more of a maxi skirt, you can add another layer and add some boots which are perfect for the fall season!

Wear a turtleneck long-sleeved shirt underneath

A turtleneck long-sleeved shirt can transform your maxi dress from a summer essential to a cold-weather piece. If you are new to the look, choose a turtleneck colour that matches or is exact to your maxi dress colour for a monochromatic style.

You don’t need to let go of summer so soon with these tips. All you need is just a bit of updating to your favourite maxi pieces to pull them into the fall weather with you!

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