TJ Hughes Wooden Children’s Beds

My hubby will roll his eyes when he reads this post. I’m always moaning about the size of our very beautiful little house.

When we first moved in we shared the big bedroom with P2. Which worked well until P2s sleep decreased to an unbearable state. It was clear we were waking her up by coming to bed, moving about in bed and generally it wasn’t working for us. The only option we had was to move P1 into the big room and us into the small one. And although P2 still wakes in the night, most nights it’s a lot less frequently whether it’s due to us not hearing every stir or just because she’s more settled.20140114-123822 pm.jpgP2 is growing much quicker than her big sister did. I know she’ll soon be out of the cot bed and into a single bed like her sister. That’s when things are going to become cramped. P1 has a high wooden bed and I’ve always had the vision to treat the girls the same so we’ll most likely have to change her bed too.

I’ve already started looking at future beds for the girls. I know we’ll be needing a couple of wooden beds because they are long lasting which is ideal for children as it’ll see them through to adulthood. TJ Hughes have got a lovely collection and they are so decently priced.20140114-014607 pm.jpgI love bunk beds. I had one as a child and was always on top. It used to be great fun with my stepsister and I’d love to get the girls a bunk bed when they’re older. Bunk beds are definitely space makers and imagination makers. I love TJ Hughes’ Domino Bunk Bed with the big step ladder and storage shelves. To be honest they have a fantastic range of fun and themed children’s beds and even have cots! If we had all the space in the world I’d love to get two princess carriage beds, or even one of the sleep stations for when they grow up and become passionate writers like their mummy.20140115-105226 am.jpg20140115-105325 am.jpgTJ Hughes also has some pretty funky boys beds and a lovely range of adult beds too.


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