To Express Or Not To Express

First off – yesterday was a good day, P2 has calmed down with her feeding. Going longer in between and then feeding for longer. No cluster feed in the evening!!!!!!

However, the previous days have put my boobs into overdrive and quite clearly confused them. They are huge, hard and pouring milk out just before and during feeds. I’ve been trying to get P2 to feed on both to relieve them but no matter how hard I try my boobs are just not emptying.

I’m thinking it’s about time I express a little milk and store it in the freezer. There’s no way I’m ready to offer bottled express milk yet – I have absolutely no need to. But I need to do something about these boobies before they get blocked up and painful!

But I’m so worried that by expressing I’ll confuse my milk supply even more. If I knew roughly how much she was feeding each time I could express the same and stop.


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