To My Princess 1 – 4 Years 10 Months

20131024-103450 am.jpgTo my Princess 1,

I cannot believe how much you have grown this month. Not height wise, intelligence wise. You are reading! It takes time but you are actually reading most words. You sound out each letter to help you form each word.

You’ve been picked on at school a couple of times recently which broke my heart. You kept saying to me that you wish you were taller so the boys wouldn’t pick you up. I see myself in you more and more each day. I was constantly picked up at school and I was the smallest too.

We are having troubles with your bedtime recently. I put you to bed and you seem to think it’s ok to stay up for over an hour after that! It’s slowly getting better and I hope you’re realising.

I can’t believe the changes in you since starting school. I’m so so proud of you and I hope you know that. You are making friends and we even had our first play date which you were so excited about. You have plans to make a paper castle on the next play date you have. You are too cute!

You had your first harvester festival. You had been practicing some songs for a week before. When I went to watch you I saw you walk with your friends, it nearly brought a tear to my eye. You walk to and from school every day too which is absolutely amazing and really good for your legs.

Love Mummy x

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