To My Princess 1 – 4 Years 11 Months

20131125-121315 am.jpgTo my Princess 1,

Next month you will be 5 years old! I can’t believe it. That means it’s been five years since I was at school. It’s crazy how time just flies.

We had your first parents evening this month. The teachers are quite happy with you, you are arty and are doing really well with your phonics/reading. I can tell that, you are always sounding out words we’ve said to you or you say to im us. It’s really cute.

You are quickly learning that your little sister is going to be a menace. She’s always wanting to be around you and play with anything you are playing with. You are so kind to her though and so aware. You’ll move pens and paper away from her because you know it’s dangerous. You’re beginning to learn to share too.

We’ve noticed a tiny improvement in your swimming this month. It seems now we’ve decided to move your swimming lessons from Essex to Kent because we weren’t happy that you’ve decided to prove us wrong.

This past week you’ve been a star. You are a complete changed little girl. So behaved! So kind and helpful. It’s made home life a lot calmer and I think you realise that too.

You’ve been to see Santa with Great-Grandad already. You told him you wanted a Barbie and he actually gave you a doll like Barbie as a gift. Santa also gave you another tree to add to the collection. You’ve been the past two years with Great-Nanny and Great-Grandad.

Keep up the good work little miss!!!

Love Mummy x

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  1. gorgeous girl – growing up so fast too! glad to hear she’s settling in pretty good to school to xx

    • lifewithpinkprincesses

      Finally. She’s had ups and downs. Think we are finally on track although she’s woken up in a terrible mood this morning.

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