To My Princess 1 – 4 Years 7 Months

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To my Princess 1,

I feel like I don’t write enough about you and take enough photos anymore. I feel like your little sister is getting a lot of attention from me and you are being forced to seek all attention from Daddy or your Grandparents. It upsets me, we share bedtimes still but our cuddles are very sparse and I miss you.

This month has been a big month, you’ve stopped nursery for the school holidays which means you’ll be going to big school so soon. You were actually really emotional about it on your last day but you seem ok now.

We’ve had beautiful weather lately and you’ve been in your element playing in the garden. You’ve spent a lot of time running around naked and in the paddling pool round our house, Nannie and your Great-Grandparents too.

I’ve been writing the alphabet with you lots and I’m so proud at how well you can form all 26 letters. You always amaze me with your talents.

I had to go to hospital last weekend, and you were such a big girl for me, helping to look after your sister with Nanny and Grandad. I’m so lucky that to have you because I truly know you’ll be ok with whoever is lucky enough to babysit you when I can’t be there myself.

You have started to eat a lot better the past month, still not perfect but we are definitely making good improvement. We don’t have so many arguments which has to be a bonus!

Happy 4 years and 7 months my beautiful little girl!

Love Mummy x

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