To My Princess 1 – 4 Years 8 Months

20130824-021642 PM.jpgTo my Princess 1,

I seriously cannot believe that you’ll be starting school in less than two weeks. It seems like such a long time ago that you were a tiny baby like your sister and so dependent on me.

You’ve grown up ridiculously this past month. Finally able to put your own clothes on and the majority of the time you do it without any fuss. You even brush your own teeth and when we are out you don’t like me to join you in the cubicle any more as you say you are a big girl.

You’ve become very helpful with all aspects of our daily life. You love to cook, tidy up and help me with your sister. I couldn’t ask for a better helper.

We still have our arguments and this past month saw your absolute worst tantrum ever! I have never seen you so hysterical and it was really upsetting. I had to remove myself from the situation and let your Daddy deal with you. I really hate it when you behave like that but the next day you were back to being my beautiful little well behaved girl!

Good luck for starting school my big girl! Mummy is so proud.

Love Mummy x

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