To My Princess 1 – 4 Years 9 Months

20130924-105008 am.jpgTo my Princess 1,

Unfortunately this past month has been a horrible one for the whole family. In your first day of school, 3rd September 2013, you were sent home early because you fell and you clamped down on your tongue cussing quite a bit of damage. We took you to A&E. This was also the day that Great-Nanny went to heaven to be with God. I’m really proud of you as you have taken the news really well. I’ve noticed a few changes since that day, you carry your Panda Bear everywhere with you. Great-Nanny bought you that bear!

This month has also seen a lot of changes. We moved into our first proper family home – you, me, Eva and Daddy. Everything’s a lot calmer and happy and we are all forming a routine. Especially at bedtime. We still have our bad moments but the good moments are much more frequent.

You’ve also started school. Big school. You’ve been doing half days but this week you are joining in with lunch time in preparation for your full days next week. The teacher is so proud and excited about you every time I go to collect you, they keep pulling me aside to show me all your arty pieces. You definitely take after your Mummy!

I’m so proud of you. You are growing into such a wonderful little girl and it’s shocking how quick these years are going. You are nearly 5!

Happy 4 years and 9 months beautiful girl!!

Love Mummy x

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