To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 1 Month

To Princess 1,

It’s already been a whole month since you turned 5! Time just whizzes past.

This month hasn’t been that fantastic to be honest. You’ve had a few issues with school and been quite poorly. You definitely know how to cause such a worry!!

You’ve started new swimming lessons and you were quite nervous but I definitely think this swim school will do you a world of good and hopefully we’ll see some improvement now.

We went on a family adventure to the Children’s Museum for my blog party. Your little face was such a picture when you looked at all the old toys. I love to see you excited about the world and your environment.

I’m so proud of you and next month will be a tough one for you but I’m hoping you’ll understand that this is going to be a fantastic and positive change for you.

I love you little girl.

Love Mummy x

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