To my Princess 1 – 5 Years 2 Months

20140224-115407 am.jpgTo my Princess 1,

You’ve done remarkably well with the change of school. Ok, your behaviour has gone downhill again but the school have said you are settling in well and that’s all that matters. In fact over half term you kept asking when you were going back to school!

You’re a very arty person and this month your drawings have suddenly become very grown up. You’ll draw outlines of people or animals and then colour them in. Drawing a real scenery or a story with words that you’ve managed to sound out and write all on your own. It’s amazing!!

I’m very pleased to report that your eating has got loads better! We still have to remind and repeat about it but you are actually finishing all your dinners and packed lunches which is great. You’ve made it into a little race with your sister to see who can finish first or who can eat the most.

The bond you have formed with your sister is fantastic. It’s really grown the past month and I think it’s partly because she’s now walking and can really interact with you more now. You are a great big sister to her and I’m very proud of you for taking the responsibility so well! Finally.

You had your first physio appointment since we’ve moved to Kent and you did so well. We’ve been given some exercises to do at home each day and you haven’t complained about them at all. You are growing into a wonderful little lady.

Love Mummy x

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