To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 3 Months

Dear Princess 1,

Since starting your new school I’ve seen you blossom! You’re happier and brighter. I think your behaviour has certainly improved. You’re learning new and rather intelligent words to add to your already extended vocabulary and have made a few close friends.

I’ve been very proud of your eating recently too. It isn’t so much of a fuss to get you to eat, and what’s even better is that 9/10 you finish your whole meal plus afters! It’s lovely to watch you eat when we’ve had 5 years of the subject being a traumatic one.

You’ve been trying harder in your swimming lessons since we went to CenterParcs. I’m quite concerned that you’ll never be strong enough to swim, your physiotherapist cannot guarantee it either, I know with a lot more effort from you and more enthusiasm we can conquer it!!

I love you pudding!

Love Mummy x

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