To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 4 Months

To my Princess 1,

We’ve had two weeks of having you at home this month. It’s allowed me to really observe you, your behaviour, your habits and just the way you are! Some things have been lovely to see and others I’ve been left really a little upset. We seem to go through phases. One week you’ll be a joy and the next you’ll be a little devil. I’d love to find a happy medium.

However, your courage shone through when we travelled back to Essex for your growth hormone test. That day I was reminded just how fragile but amazingly strong that you are. You are a brave little girl.

You are constantly singing the “Frozen” songs and you love watching the music channel just like your little sister. In the evenings sometimes you both dance in the middle of the lounge. I don’t think you realise how much you’re teaching your sister about life.

We have seen a huge improvement with your eating lately. You still take about an hour to eat one meal but you actually do finish the whole lot on the majority of occasions which I’m hoping with help your health and growing.

Love Mummy x

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