To My Princess 1 – 5 Years 7 Months

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To my Princess 1,

I can’t believe you’ve just finished your first year of school! You’ve really developed this year and although your behaviour is a little to be desired, I am so proud of you! Since you started school last year a lot has happened.

I’ll never forget your first day. It was at a school in Essex as we didn’t know we would be moving until the weekend before you started school. You looked so grown up! That day at lunch time we received a phone call to go and get you as you’d bit into your tongue. I remember feeling a little confused as to why they needed me to collect you for just biting your tongue, but when we arrived your tongue was in a bad way! We ended up spending a few hours in A&E. When we arrived home we got a phone call to say that your Great-Nanny had gone to heaven. It was an emotional day but you were so brave!

Then we moved to Kent and you spent half of the school year at DG where you experienced quite a few issues and we eventually moved you to the school you’re at now. You’ve adapted so well to the changes and made some lovely friends at both schools in Kent. Taking education in your stride.

You’re behaviour this past month has really dipped. But Daddy and I have talked about it to great lengths and we are going to start a reasoning tactic, giving you two options for things, for example “you need to put your shoes on by yourself or you can go out with no shoes. It’s up to you” and we’ll actually do it if you choose the latter.

I have noticed a great bond between you and your sister this month. You are doing so well in teaching her how to play and it’s lovely to watch. She looks up to you so much!

I’m proud of you P1! I sometimes forget the amount you’ve achieved for your tiny body. I’m looking forward to spending six weeks with you.

Love Mummy x

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