To My Princess 1 – 4 Years 5 Months

9cb16e0d-03de-4719-94fb-d993ff111d45_zps573b50aeTo My Princess 1,

This is your monthly update. I really hope that you read these when you are older to look back and see how you grow month by month. Even now when you are such a big girl now.

This month you have grown so much in yourself. You go to nursery and to your Great-Grandparents house without trouble. I love seeing your face light up when you talk about your day.

This month we have had so many trips to TumbleTown (Now Monkey Madness), each time a treat and you love it there, you always make new friends each time! Social butterfly. I have to admit that you tend to play with boys rather than girls which is funny because with your leg strength you struggle to keep up with them.

You have become such a fantastic big sister. I’m so proud of you. You even help do nappies and take the whole process in your stride. You are really looking forward to weaning your sister and I’ve told you that you can help her with her porridge and to see which foods she likes best.

You still have your moments of naughtiness, usually after a treat or a really good day. It’s like you have to balance out the situations, but we don’t like it when you’re naughty. So it’s silly really. We’ve bought you new clothes because you have quite big views on what you want to wear. And very strong willed about your clothes too and it seems to be a battle ground in the mornings. It’s tiring.

You had blood tests this month, what a big brave girl you were for those!! It’s times like those that I can really see just how grown up you truly are. You are amazing my big precious girl.

Happy 4 years and 5 months baby girl!

Lots of Love,
Mummy xxx

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