To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 10 Months

To my Princess 2,

For a while now we’ve been saying “she’s nearly two” or “aged 2-3” or “terrible twos come early”. Writing your age again has hit me just how grown up you really are for it. You’re only a year! Not two.

You are cheeky. Each day you do the most hilarious things like faces, actions and words. You smile practically all day, unless it’s around nap time, and you’ll have us all smiling around you even if you have been naughty.

You’ve been having strange nap terrors. I would say sleep or night, but they only happen during your day nap. Countless times I’ve found you sat up screaming whilst facing the wall, or the freakiest one was you standing up in the corner of the room screeching at the wall. It’s odd. It’s like you’re not really there. It takes a good 10 minutes to calm you down, sometimes you’ll fall back to sleep or other times you have snuggles or some lunch to snap you out of it.

You’ve been amazingly helpful this past month towards your little sister. It’s crazy just how gentle you are and how loving. You come into our room in the mornings and immediately say “hello baby” and completely ignore mummy and daddy.

Your speech is incredible. You’ve finally started putting some sentences together or at least stringing some words to explain what you mean. Like “milk. Fridge. Mine. Want some” that sort of thing. If we ask where you want to go you’ll say “Nannie” or “play” or “ducks”.

You’re becoming such a character though. If you don’t get your own way, all hell breaks loose. Oh and everything is apparently “mine” or yours.

Love you to the moon and back.

Mummy x

princess 2 - 1 year 10months

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    Lovely letter – she is so cute!

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