To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 2 Months

To my Princess 2,

Apparently you’re 14 months now!! It’s crazy. You’ve achieved so much but still have a whole lifetime ahead of you to learn and achieve so much more.

This month we told you about your new baby sibling, not that you understand us! For the past year I’ve been cherishing every single moment of you growing up, just like I should, but it was because I thought you were going to be my last baby. I’ll continue to cherish you every day!!

You and I have such a bond. Every day you are always by my side ready to make me cry with laughter! The things you do are so sweet and I’m scared I won’t get this time with you once the new baby is here.

You understand everything. You’re speech isn’t fantastic and I’m yet to hear the word “mummy” or “mumma” properly. There’s little works like “look” and “ta ta” and “up” that you say though so it helps with knowing what you want. You’ve become obsessed with putting things in the bin, sometimes it’s quite useful… Other times I’m rooting around for my hairbrush!!

You seem to have cut down to just one nap a day now usually after lunch time. We’ve even stopped in arm naps this past week and you’ve been snoozing quite happily in your cot. There’s me downstairs missing our cuddles like crazy feeling lost whilst you are very content and didn’t even cry!!!!

You love to play peep boo with Daddy using the kitchen counter between you. It’s hilarious as you laugh so loud and run away from him. Daddy ends up in a heap of laughter too! And you’ve been really enjoying your big sister’s company too and interacting with her has been easier.

You’re becoming such a funny and kind little girl.

Love Mummy x

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