To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 3 Months

To my Princess 2,

This month has seen the introduction to tantrums. I dread to think what you’ll be like during the “terrible 2s” stage. You’ll throw yourself onto the floor without a thought for what body part, usually your head, will get damaged in the process. I have to admit, seeing a tiny toddler sitting on her bum with her head between her legs crying in the middle of Sainsburys is quite cute, but I don’t think I’ll be saying that soon!

You are so helpful. You’ll put rubbish in the bin, along with your big sisters plimsoles, and you help to scrub the floor with a sponge. You’ve even started to help put dirty clothes into the wash bag.

The love you have for us is so cute. You’ll give kisses and say “Awww” especially for your daddy, mummy and sister. You are a very loving and kind little lady.

You’ve finally started saying “Mumma” & “dadda”. Your obsession with animals and dogs keeps growing. We’re still working on Daddy to allow us to have a small furry pet which sadly isn’t working at the moment. Although we’ve visited Pets at Home twice in the last month without buying anything!

I love you little one.
Love Mummy x

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