To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 5 Months

To my Princess 2,

You’re 17 months old today. So very close to 18 months which seems to be another milestone that people count.

This month you’re personality has blossomed. It’s grown and shaped in new ways. It probably helps that you’ve become a lot more communicative with us so we can really understand your needs and wants. The word “no” and “yes” funny enough are the most popular ones you use, along with “mumma” and “darr” (we can only assume that means daddy)

You are full of energy every second of the day. If we go shopping or out and about you’ll dart off and we have to chase after you very quickly before you trip up poor strangers. It’s very tiring! You’re not to blame though, right from the very beginning we’ve always allowed you to get out the pram for cuddles or to sit in our laps at restaurants etc, and I truly believe that’s why you don’t understand how to stay with us or still for any length of time.

We’ve always joked about you being bald. It’s not like you don’t have hair, it’s just lacking but this month I’ve really noticed the difference and am certain it is actually growing, slowly, because your hair is creeping into your eyes. I can tell it annoys you but you won’t keep a clip in and I’m definitely not going to chop it just yet!

I’ll probably jinx it, but your sleep has certainly improved. You go to bed really quickly at 7/7:30pm and usually stay there until 5/6am. It’s been lovely but I wish you’d managed to figure the sleep thing out a year ago, not when I’m about to encounter more sleepless nights with your new baby sister in a few months.

I can’t wait to see what the next month holds because you’re changing so much each day and growing into a very independent little lady.

Love Mummy x

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