To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 6 Months


To my Princess 2,

I seriously have no idea where the last 18 months have gone. So much has happened and you have grown into such a wonderful little lady already.

These are some of the things you are doing as an 18 month old;

Brush your own teeth,

Point to every part of your body,

Understand everything,


Put your own shoes on and everyone else’s for that matter,

You have used the potty a handful of times successfully,

You feed yourself with a fork and spoon with little spilling,

You enjoy nearly all foods and have a real soft spot for cheese and fruit,

You’ve begun to learn how to drink from a cup but haven’t quite mastered the speed that you tip it,

You adore animals especially cats, dogs and feeding the ducks,

You recognise places and people,

You have a very close bond with your big sister,

You love to have your nap times snuggled up to mummy on the sofa,

You love watching Mr Tumble, Topsy & Tim and Woolly.

You do loads of things now and I’d be here all day listing every little thing. You have such a character on you that I’m so proud of and excited to see you grow. We’ve noticed that you’ve started to run away from us less and actually do walk by our sides or hold our hands which is fantastic. Although a trip to Tesco or Sainsburys leaves everyone in a fluster as there’s clearly too much temptation in there.

Our next milestone is when you turn 2 which seems so far away but I know it’ll zoom past.

Love Mummy x

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