To My Princess 2 – 1 Year 7 Months

To my Princess 2,

You seem to have really grown up this past month. I feel like I say it every month to be honest because I suppose there’s so much for you to learn. It’s crazy to think you’ve been in our world just 19 months but it feels like a lot lot longer.

You’ve been learning to run. You’ve always been quick, but you actually run now which is sometimes quite funny to watch. Your little legs seem to move quicker than your body. It’s just adorable.

You have amazing vocabulary now. Communicating with us exactly what you want or need. I love how you understand pretty much everything we tell you. Even playing with your sister has become easier for the both of you.

You watch and take notes from your big sister at all times. You copy her continuously. It’s meant that you’ve adopted the hitting phase. Every time P1 gets frustrated with you she snatches or pushes or smacks you away, so now you think it’s ok to do it to her… All the time. It’s not very nice because you two have such a close bond and can play so wonderfully together.

You’re still not sleeping fantastically. It averages about three times a night but we’ll get there one day.

Love Mummy x

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