To My Princess 2 – 10 Months

20131206-022059 pm.jpgTo My Princess 2,

Double figures baby!!! You’re 10months old today. I’m in shock really, it’s going so quick and you are also developing at super rapid speed.

This month you mastered crawling. After spinning around in a circle on your bum or on your tummy, overnight you just got up on hands and knees! You are picking up speed each day now and you’re into everything. But this new mobile you is a much happier and contented you which is fantastic.

I can’t say the same for your big sister though. You are addicted to her especially when she brings out her pens and pencils. You are both becoming increasingly frustrated with each other but I’m hoping it’s just another learning curve in your sisterhood journey.

You’ve decided that you can’t be fed anymore which means bye bye jarred food or pouches. It’s not too bad, it just means I’m dishing up four plates rather than three. Although it’s worrying mummy and daddy because now the quantity you eat is very small so we tend to allow you to snack more.

We’ve noticed you have a fear for a few things. Water being one of them and also fluffy/spikey/fuzzy textured things. You cry and become very uneasy around them or if you can see something like it. Today, at messy play there was a sensory wall with a broom end attached. You were happily playing around it until I showed it to you and then you wouldn’t let me put you back down. Hopefully it’s just another one of your little phases!

I cannot wait to see what the next month has in store for you! It’s your first Christmas and then it’ll soon be your first birthday.

Love Mummy x

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