To My Princess 2 – 11 Months

To Princess 2,

I cannot believe that you are 11 months old today. The time is just flying by so fast now. This past month you’ve really started to show a pretty cheeky personality. You know exactly what you want and you get it.

Still no walking, but you crawl super quick and even follow us when we call your name. Occasionally we’ll let you down in the shops to explore a little bit and you love it. I get a bit nervous about people treading on you though so it doesn’t last very long.

You are completely obsessed with your big sister. You never leave her alone which frustrates her very much but you don’t care. You love the attention and you love her colouring pens and pencils.

You’ve gone into 12-18month clothes, maybe partly because your 9-12month ones have slightly shrunk in the wash! The 12-18month clothes make you look so grown up and adorable.

You are understanding more words. We’ll say “ta” and you give what you have to us which I personally think is amazing! It’s stopped you from eating many of your sisters toys. What’s even better is that you can say “ta” too!! Oh and “Mama” when you’re tired and “Dada” …… Well that’s used quite often actually but only when Daddy is home. You are just too clever and knowing now.

You don’t eat baby food anymore. You eat three meals a day, have three bottles of 9oz milk during the day plus about 6oz during the night at various times. However, you are actually sleeping better these days (I’ve jinxed it) you are very unsettled during the evening but from 11pm-5am you’ll sleep solidly… Or I just don’t hear you. Either way it’s quite nice!

It’s going to be your birthday next month! My gosh.

Love Mummy x

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