To My Princess 2 – 2 Years 1 Month

To my Princess 2,

We had your two year check the other day. I didn’t have any real concerns about your development. I think you’re doing fantastically. We discussed all the things you do and don’t do.

We were told off for being lazy with your dummy and milk situation. The health visitor is completely right and gave us an idea about the Easter bunny. So in a few weeks we’ll be collecting up all your bottles and dummies to give to the Easter Bunny. I wonder if he’ll bring you a treat to say well done for being a big girl?!

You are certainly saying bigger sentences now. Sometimes I have to double take at what you’ve said. Little things like adding “I’m” so it becomes “I’m tired” and that was just today!

You still really enjoy playing with your big sister even if she isn’t overly keen. You are also so helpful with your baby sister, talking to her and offering her food. We have to remind you she can’t have any yet but thank you for trying to share.

You were weighed and measured at the two year check. It took ages to persuade you to get on the scales and eventually daddy managed with a quiet “you can have a lolly after” and when we got home you had remembered and was given an icelolly as promised. You weigh 12.6kg and are 86cm tall!

The potty training is still progressing slowly. You tend to have more accidents at home than when out. Maybe because you wear a nappy.

I’m so proud of you though.

Love Mummy x

2y 1m

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