To My Princess 2 – 4 Months

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To my Princess 2,

This is your monthly update, it’s a little out of sync because I decided to do this when a month had already started. I really hope you and your sister will read these when you are older, something for you to look back on and see what we were all like back then.

Week 14

This week you have been sucking and chewing your hands constantly. Learning what they do and starting to touch things that are around you. I’m pleased to say that even Sophie La Girafe is getting chewed and Mama Bear is getting hugs from time to time. You are fascinated by lights and the tv, I try not to let you sit there this young but it’s quite lovely to have some peace and watch you just gazing at all the images. You especially love watching your Big Sister, I definitely think you two will be the best of friends and I’m looking forward to have you both running about causing havoc. You are awake pretty much all day now, and sleep most of the night, waking just once… Unless you class last night which was terrible!! You are always smiling, such a happy contented baby unless you want boobie of course. Our breast feeding experience so far has been wonderful and this week you’ve been demanding a lot of comfort sucking moments, I don’t mind when it’s our home days but when we are out I feel like I’m depriving you. You are becoming a very vocal little lady, just like your Nanny and your sister, and I’m pretty sure you will be giving us all headaches – in a good way. Today, you giggled for the first time, apparently me sneezing is funny!

Week 15

This week has been amazing with you. Ok, we’ve had a few rough nights of sleep but generally you are awake loads and actually wanting to play during the day. You have started to really lift your hands and grab toys. You’ve become quite dependent on your dummy unfortunately, but it’s ok because I know you are needing some comfort for your gums. We’ve gone completely washable for nappies and wipes and your bum definitely loves it, you’ve adopted a frog leg pose which is apparently fantastic for your hip development. You’re becoming such a big girl already.

Week 16

I can’t believe just how grown up you truly are now. It’s scary, one minute you were my little newborn that would just lay there silently taking in the world around you, now you are not content with just laying around, you need to be up and being entertained. You haven’t been using your dummy as much, still a lot but I’ve become aware of it so have tried other ways to distract you. You keep dribbling, all over the place, I keep peering into your mouth to check for any toothiepegs but there’s nothing yet. Which I’m quite glad about as I’m dreading having my nipples bitten by you. In the past few days you’ve started to be really vocal, screeching and squealing so loudly at everyone, it’s absolutely adorable. On Tuesday, just before you turned 17weeks, you rolled… Not fully because you got your under arm stuck and had to roll back the other way, but it was still enough to make everyone so proud and happy. You now keep trying to roll as I’m doing your nappy… Quite annoying really. I definitely can’t take my eyes off you now!

Happy 4 months baby girl!

Lots of Love,
Mummy x

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