To my Princess 2 – 5 Months

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To my Princess 2,

This month you have really started to grow your personality more and more.

This month we went to a Young Mums group. We’ve only been once though as I really missed having Thursday as my day at home with you in our pjs.

You’ve moved into your cotbed now and I’m really missing having you so close to me at night, I’ve ended up having you in bed with me in the early hours of the morning just to feel close to you again and we both tend to sleep better too.

You’ve had quite a few nights of waking up every two hours or even every hour this month so I’ve started to give you 5oz of expressed milk in a bottle just before bedtime plus boobie. It allows you to sleep for around 4-5hours the first stretch, then it’s every two hours again.

You’re giggling. A lot. You love being tickled. You are also screeching to get our attention, it’s hilarious. You are constantly “chatting” and playing with your toys. This month you’ve learnt to lift certain toys and wave them about, you even threw one at Daddy.

You’ve started weaning too, you’ve enjoyed some toast and baby rice. You make funny little noises when you eat. I think you actually prefer to be fed rather than feed yourself at the moment, which is fine by us but I really want to let you have solids rather than puréed food, but it’s baby led after all so I’m sure you’ll let us know how you wish to eat.

We still go to baby yoga, you love it, well whilst you’re away you love it anyway. I love going as I’ve met some lovely mummy’s because of it. I find our weeks are now really jam packed full of various things and it’s very rare we get any time to just chill now. As our days at home are usually spent with me doing housework!

You are truly amazing me every single day with all the new things you are taking in from the world.

Happy 5 months my beautiful little girl!!

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