To My Princess 2 – 6 Months

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To My Princess 2,

I have absolutely no idea where the past 6 months have gone. You’ve achieved so much in that time and that means you are growing closer to your first birthday!

You are a rolling, nearly sitting, smiling, laughing, bouncing, feet holding, strong minded, waving, eating, sleeping, cloth wearing beautiful little girl.

This past month you have experienced many new things, food for one, which is going smoothly. You have been having jars of food at the moment with other “adult” food offered which you really enjoying munching on. You get given a taste of pretty much everything so whenever we drink or eat around you your arms flap and you get very excited.

You’ve experienced camping, which surprisingly you thoroughly enjoyed and was not effected by the change of routine. In fact you preferred it and were rather upset when we got home.

Unfortunately our breastfeeding journey seems to have ended, your choice not mine. I’m still producing milk, and you’ll occasionally have me but you tend to struggle and hate being at my boob. I didn’t want to turn to formula but unfortunately I’ve had to as I can’t express enough to keep you going.

You’ve also had your ears pierced this month, which you did cry at but you look so cute. You haven’t seemed bothered by them and haven’t touched them once. I hope you’ll thank us when you are older.

I love watching you grow and your personality shaping each day. You amaze me. You wave at everyone who looks at you and it’s utterly adorable. I’m so excited for the next 6months and wish they wouldn’t fly by quite so fast!

Love Mummy x

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