To My Princess 2 – 7 Months

20130908-083624 PM.jpgTo Princess 2,

I’m a little late in wishing you happy 7 months my beautiful girl. This month has seen so many new things and it’s been a sad month too.

You Great-Nanny has gone to live with God in the sky now, and we all miss her so much. I know you are too young to understand this and unfortunately I don’t think you’ll remember her. But I promise to show you pictures every day and tell you the memories I have of her. You really loved her, you’d spend so long just staring at her and smiling. Holding her fingers. I wish you’d had longer to grow your bond and for her to teach you things like she did with your sister. She was very proud of you and you were an absolute blessing. She never thought she’d have a great-grandchild and you were her second!!

On to more happier things. You are eating like a trooper. You absolutely love your food! Whenever your sister is eating something next to you, you reach your arm out and attempt to steal it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a biscuit or a piece of fruit… You want it. Oh and of course we let you have a munch on literally everything you fancy.

You experienced swimming this month too. I was so nervous because you hate bath time but you thoroughly enjoyed it. To the extent we had zero tears the whole time we were at the gym.

You’ve really grown in the way you communicate, growling at things that upset you, laughing more and general just being a very cheeky pickle. It’s such a joy to watch you form.

This month also saw the very last of boobie feeding. I think it’s been about two maybe three weeks and although my left boobie has not given up it’s duty of producing for you, you have forgotten boobie. I tried to feed you the other night as my boob was so painful I really needed relief and I’ve been unable to express anything. But you turned away from me which was absolutely hilarious and I was laughing at 3am in the morning! That is just one example of your cheekiness.

You are basically sitting up unaided now although I never leave you, even with cushions and soft surfaces surrounding you. I’m just too terrified of injuries! You don’t have a sleep pattern yet, I really wish you did, one night you’ll be amazing and wake once, then the next you’ll be awake roughly four times. It’s exhausting but we carry on.

Now we’ve moved I’m trying to get you into a routine, don’t worry I’m not letting you control cry. I’ve read far too much on that recently to allow you to do it. You’re too precious and our moments with you as a baby are fast disappearing.

Happy 7 months my princess!

Love Mummy x

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