To My Princess 2 – 8 Months


To my Princess 2,

I cannot believe there’s only 4 months until your first birthday and it’s totally crazy how the past month has really shaped your personality and character.

You are chatting and forming real sounds now. “Muma” “Dada” “NanNan” are the ones we can really recognize now. Mainly Dada of course but the Muma does come out every now and then.

You have six teeth little lady. The bottom two came through with quite a struggle and you were very unhappy. Then a few weeks later, four at the top appeared all at once and it totally explained the horrible nappies and tremendous amount of snot! You are so much happier now. Especially now you can bite little chunks out of your food.

We don’t really give you jars of food anymore. You do so well to just have your own portions of our food. I can’t lie, you do seem to throw the majority of it on the floor and sometimes I swear it’s on purpose.

You are so lazy. Seriously! I’m beginning to think that you’ll never crawl. I’m not even sure we’ve quite mastered sitting yet as you tend to push yourself backwards and fall into the pillows/support behind you. Now that I’ve said that you’ll probably crawl tomorrow as that’s what happened when I moaned to something that you hadn’t yet rolled over! You do get around the room if you’re happy enough to be on the floor though, by rolling and pushing on your back. It’s amazing the places you reach without actually crawling on your hands and knees.

You’ve really developed your personality. We all know that you hate being left. It’s a lucky achievement for you to be in the jumperoo for 10minutes at a time! If you weren’t so heavy I’d probably have you in the sling all day, but you are, so we just end up spending the day on the sofa with you snoozing and Mummy catching up on CSI. You’ll thank me when you’re older and qualify as a crime scene investigator.

Oh, you are still not sleeping through the night! You wake on average three times and I’m exhausted, but that little smile you give when you wake up is too heart melting to be upset with you. Everyone comments on how happy you are so we must be doing something right. We are not cosleeping anymore so I think the waking is due to that. You like to know we are there still.

You were also our little bridesmaid, purely for photo purposes, but you did Mummy and Daddy proud.

Happy 8 months little girl!

Love Mummy x

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