To My Princess 3 – 3 Months

To my Princess 3,

It’s crazy that three months have now passed since you entered the world so dramatically. It’s hard to imagine my life without you.

elsa 3 months

I’ve seen a real change in you the past month. You are exactly like a real baby now. So alert and awake!

daddy elsa

You are completely obsessed with your hands and fingers. Sometimes you won’t even take the dummy in favour of them. It’s really cute.

You are extremely lucky to have two doting big sisters. P1 especially loves to help feed you or comfort you and she’s pretty good at knowing what’s wrong too.

You’ve been bottle fed now for a month and are thriving finally. Your weight is gaining and you are clearly filling out those cheeks of yours!!

mummy elsa

You generally sleep quite well at night and have slipped into a relatively easy sleep routine in the day. You get very grumpy around 8pm and it’s clear you’re telling us it’s time for bed.

Oh and you’ve started to show signs of rolling, if only that awkward arm wouldn’t get in the way!!

I keep wondering what you’ll be like when you’re sitting, crawling and talking. What personality will you hold. It’s exciting!

I love you!

Mummy x

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  1. I love these letters and she’s gotten so big!

    Lizzie Dripping

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